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Hillend Pet Hotel

Modern Cattery, Kennel and Small pet hotel in Dunfermline

Modern Cattery, Kennel and Small pet hotel in Dunfermline

Modern Cattery, Kennel and Small pet hotel in DunfermlineModern Cattery, Kennel and Small pet hotel in DunfermlineModern Cattery, Kennel and Small pet hotel in Dunfermline

terms of stay at hillend pet hotel

 Please take your time to read our terms of stay before making any booking with us.

No dogs  can be accepted at our kennels without proof of current vaccinations. Please remember to bring your vaccination card with you on every visit.  It is the owners responsibility to prove their dog has been vaccinated. Dogs require to have a current booster vaccination and an up to date kennel Cough. Please note kennel cough vaccinations must be administered at least 3 weeks before coming in.  

Collars will be removed from dogs during their stay with us. This is to avoid them from becoming snagged on their water bowl holders.

We will ask, if you have two dogs sharing a kennel, that when dropping off you sign a disclaimer accepting the risk of any injuries that may result from this.

We do our very best to walk all dogs in our care twice per day, however this is weather dependent. We do not mind walking in rain, hail, sleet, snow etc however we will not walk dogs if conditions are very bad or there is weather warnings in place. This is for the safety of your dog but also ourselves and staff members.

No cats will be allowed to stay within the cattery without proof of up to date vaccinations. Please remember to bring your cats vaccination record with you. As above if you do not have records available please arrange to have them emailed to ourselves.  

Please ask your vet to stick your vaccination stickers into your record book as we cannot accept hand written records. If you cannot find your vaccination record please arrange for your vet to email a copy to us prior to you coming in.

Boarding fees are expected to be paid for the full boarding period you asked for at the point of booking, should your pet leave before their agreed departure date.

All pets MUST be picked up before 11 am on their due departure day unless otherwise agreed with us beforehand. There is a MINIMUM part day charge of £10 for a later collection.

Should your pet take ill during its stay with us we will, if possible, use your own vet. By boarding with us, if problems arise you are authorizing us to call a vet on your behalf. Your pet is insured with us during its stay but please note this policy does NOT cover any existing illnesses, diseases or animals within the small pets section. Any costs associated with us dealing with an existing illness will be passed on to the customer.

Our opening hours are from 10.00am - 12.00 pm  and from 16.00pm - 17.00pm monday to friday* and 10.00am - 12.00pm saturday and sunday, these times are strictly adhered to. Any pick ups or drop offs outwith these times must be agreed with us beforehand, please dont assume that we will always be able to accommodate your request we will do our best.

  • *By appointment only!!

We must be informed at the point of booking with us, any medical conditions your pet has and any medications that you would require us to administer during their stay. If between booking and coming in the condition changes/deteriorates we must be informed. Any conditions not disclosed at the point booking may result in us cancelling your pets stay.

Dogs are fed twice per day. Once in the morning and again late afternoon. If your dog has a specific feeding schedule we ask that you inform us of this at the point of booking.